Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday Candy Bouquet


Need a quick and cute little something for a gift? I made these super cute candy bouquets with supplies all from the Dollar Tree. Woot Woot!

      • small pot
  • foam floral inserts
  • glue
  • stick on letters
  • colorful paper
  • gift wrapping ribbons
  • candy of your choice
  • popsicle sticks or drink stirrers

For my friends 40th birthday, I made one that says " Birthdays Suck". I put the foam insert in the pot, and added Dum Dums (40 of them) to the foam to form a ball. Then I cut out a circle with decorative paper and stuck the letters and numbers on it to make sign. I then glued the sign on a drink stirrer and inserted it into the foam also. Then I added the ribbons around the pot to decorate.

My nephew is turning 13, which is a big deal since he is an official teenager ( tears!). Of course I couldn't say birthdays suck for him. One because her is young and they really don't suck, and two, he's not allowed to say suck. So, "Birthdays Rock" it is.

I followed the same format as the other bouquet except I used Pop Rocks instead. I glued the Pop Rocks to the drink stirrers, and inserted them in the foam.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tutorial- Faux Hawk

We have all seen celebrities with their faux hawks, aka Miley Cyrus. If your hair is short enough it is pretty easy to accomplish. Here is our video tutorial on how do give your self a Mohawk. Candice is the model, and I am the stylist!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jewelry drawer... Before and After!

I have a little bit of a problem.... I have way too much jewelry. I cant help it. I have a pretty plain and basic wardrobe so I dress it up with my jewelry. I have a jewelry armoire in the guest room with my classic pieces that I don't wear as much and my keepsake jewelry. I keep things in there like my class rings, pearls, etc.

So, in the bedroom I have a drawer dedicated to my jewelry I wear often. I have a lot of random pieces from all over and I sell Lia Sophia jewelry so I have tons of it too! It was a total mess. All of my necklaces were tangled up. I couldn't find half of my earrings, you get the point. I have been meaning to organize this drawer but never got around to it. The other day, I was at Michaels and they had jewelry organizers on sale 60% off. It was a sign from God, telling me to clean my crap up.

I got 3 organizer trays and went to town. In theory, I could have used another drawer but I have to put my clothes somewhere. I was happy the way it turned out. I actually don't mind picking out my jewelry now. Its like a display piece, I would keep my drawer open if I wasn't so OCD!



Monday, February 11, 2013

Burlap Wreath

Time for me to make a new wreath. I mean, I have to keep up with my wreath a month habit. I admit, I am addicted to making wreaths. They are just so easy to make and can brighten the front door. My door needs to be brightened up right now. I hate when all of the holiday decorations come down. I fee like my porch and front door look naked. So, time to snazz it up.

You will need:

2 yards burlap
1 yard different color burlap
1 wire wreath form
hot glue gun

I started with cutting my main color of burlap in 6 inch by 1 inch strips. Cut a lot of them, it will take them all. Once they were cut, I tied them on to the wire wreath. I went back and forth tying them, making sure to compact them together. You want to be sure that there are no bare spots or holes. Just keep tying until the whole wreath is full. I then went through and cut all of the loose strings off of the burlap. I forgot to mention this is really messy. The burlap makes a crazy mess with all of the strings.

Now to the flowers. I used the different color of burlap. I cut it into 2 inch strips approximately 36 inches long. Plug in your glue gun and get gluing. Fold the burlap in half lengthwise, then begin rolling about 10 times, gluing each roll. After you have your initial roll, begin folding the burlap around the roll. This will make the flower get larger and take on a more flower look versus just a roll. Continue folding and twisting the burlap around the roll, gluing often to secure, until you get to the end. I tried to take pics of the steps but it is hard to show. I also make a flower out of the coordinating ribbon to brighten things up.

Once the flowers were complete, I glued some decorative buttons on a few of them. Now, time to attach the flowers. Figure out where you want your flowers. In that area, I knotted the burlap one more time to make it more of a base. Glue the heck out of the flower and the base and hold it on until it is dry. Continue gluing the others on, making sure to glue the sides so the flowers attach to each other.

Last step is to cut your ribbon. Thread it through the back of the wire wreath and tie a bow at the top. That will be your hanger. Enjoy your wreath. Of course you can do different color combos and accents on it for different seasons.

Monday, February 4, 2013

String Art

I keep seeing string art everywhere and I thought I would give it a whirl. It wasn’t hard at all. The most difficult part was getting the map out after I had everything strung together.
First step was to print out a state map. I did Virginia because that’s where we live, (hello)! Then I just followed the outline hammering in tacking nails as straight as possible all the way around. Next, I made a heart shape over Blacksburg area (where I live) NOTE: If I do this project again I would make the heart first then follow the outline around the state…it would make it much easier.
After I had all my nails in, I started stringing. I just made a knot and the cut the loose ends off. I wrapped back and forth from the heart to the outer edge. I did ombre colors but you could choose whatever color or colors you wanted. My final step was to pull the map out. I used tweezers to get under the strings and pull the paper out, and then I pained the nail headed for extra pop!
So I officially now have string art!
Things Needed: