Monday, January 28, 2013

Upcycling 1 Sweater, 3 Uses

I know that you have some old sweaters laying around that you have not worn in forever. I sure do. I keep them around thinking that I might wear them one day, but I don't.

If you follow my instagram (click link on left),  you notice that I wear a lot of leggings and boots. Its my fave. I needed a little something something to jazz up an outfit the other day. I have been wanting to crochet some boot cuffs but have been too lazy to make them. So, I did the next best thing. I cut some off a sweater!

I had an old turtleneck sweater just laying around. I cut 1/4 of the sleeves with the cuffs. I just wanted toppers because I sweat way to much for them on my whole leg. That was easy, but what to do with the rest of the sweater? I could not waste it! I decided to cut off the neck off to make a cute cowl neck scarf. It is loose enough to wear for fashion and also warm.

I still basically had the rest of the sweater left. It looked kind of cute cut up. Like an off the shoulder sweater. But it was frayed around the parts we cut off and didn't look too great. I decided to make a cute slipcover for a pillow. It was super easy. I just cut the front and back into squares, flipped it inside out, and sewed it up.

I would definitely say that was upcycling at its best!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zebra Rocking Horse

 This was Candice's nephews first Christmas, so she wanted to give him something special just from her that she made. She went to Michaels and picked up a non-finished rocking horse. They usually run about $30 but one of the things that is best about shopping there is that they always have coupons, so it was $15. Woot Woot! 
 Then she had the vision of having it look like a zebra but with a twist. No black and white Zebra for him, so she picked up off white spray paint and light and dark blue acrylic paints. 

 Start off  by spray painting the entire thing , taking extra care to get every side and angle. Then wait a few days to make sure the wood is good and dry. Next is time to hand paint the zebra stripes…..
 These don’t need to be the same on both sides because we all know that no two zebras stripes are the same! The final step is to paint over the muzzle and tail with the dark blue.  The painting of the eye was for me the most difficult but it turned out pretty well. What do you all think?
Things needed:
Rocking Horse
Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes

Monday, January 14, 2013


If you follow our instagram, which you totally should because the link is right here on the side ------>
Anyway, I am trying to do some outfits of the day, or ootd in the style world. I tend to wear more subdued clothes, and make my pops with jewelry. So here is my attempt at doing ootd, and also hairstyles of the day.

I will try to remember to keep up with this daily, or when I actually get out of gym clothes, lol. On work days I always look presentable. I cannot be held accountable for my days off. So this gives me incentive to do my hair, makeup and try to look cute!

I also add some other cool photos from work on instagram. All of my clients hair looks awesome. I mean, hello, look who is doing it! I will put my fave styles and colors on her too.

So please follow The Plaid Owls on instagram, you wont be sorry! Here is a preview.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Burlap Planter

Looking for something cute to jazz up your front porch? I was so I decided to get my crafty pants on and do something different. I came up with this super cute burlap tub that can change with the seasons.

Materials needed:

Galvanized steel tub from your local farm supply store, different sizes
Burlap material from fabric store
Glue Gun
Whatever decoration you want in your tub

First step is to cut the burlap to the appropriate length and width to wrap around the tub. Then I place the stencil I want to use on the burlap and paint. After the paint has dried, I attach it to the planter with the glue gun. And.... that's it. Not too difficult.

Since it was winter, I filled it with pine cones. You can change it our with the seasons. Leaves in the fall, grass and eggs for the spring, etc. Super quick and easy décor!