Monday, January 14, 2013


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Anyway, I am trying to do some outfits of the day, or ootd in the style world. I tend to wear more subdued clothes, and make my pops with jewelry. So here is my attempt at doing ootd, and also hairstyles of the day.

I will try to remember to keep up with this daily, or when I actually get out of gym clothes, lol. On work days I always look presentable. I cannot be held accountable for my days off. So this gives me incentive to do my hair, makeup and try to look cute!

I also add some other cool photos from work on instagram. All of my clients hair looks awesome. I mean, hello, look who is doing it! I will put my fave styles and colors on her too.

So please follow The Plaid Owls on instagram, you wont be sorry! Here is a preview.

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