Sunday, January 6, 2013

Burlap Planter

Looking for something cute to jazz up your front porch? I was so I decided to get my crafty pants on and do something different. I came up with this super cute burlap tub that can change with the seasons.

Materials needed:

Galvanized steel tub from your local farm supply store, different sizes
Burlap material from fabric store
Glue Gun
Whatever decoration you want in your tub

First step is to cut the burlap to the appropriate length and width to wrap around the tub. Then I place the stencil I want to use on the burlap and paint. After the paint has dried, I attach it to the planter with the glue gun. And.... that's it. Not too difficult.

Since it was winter, I filled it with pine cones. You can change it our with the seasons. Leaves in the fall, grass and eggs for the spring, etc. Super quick and easy décor!



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