Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pinterest- Nailed it or Failed it?

Here is my attempt at something I have seen on Pinterest and attempt to make it. We will see if it is as easy as they say it is. I saw this DIY ruffled scarf and knew I had to try it. It is so cute!

I was anxious at first because it requires the sewing machine and I hate my sewing machine. Well, I hate it because 1. I have no patience 2. I taught myself how to use it so technically I am sure I am not doing it right 3. I hate having to get it out and setting it up because I am lazy.

So, I decided to try to be positive about the whole thing and try it. It was going rather smoothly until my bobbin ran out of thread which really ticked me off. I was doing good, trying not cuss until that happened...

Here is a pic of how it was supposed to look.

And here is mine...

Not as ruffled as the original but not too bad. I think it might have had something to do with the material I used.  
Here is the link with the directions

I would have to say Pinterest- Failed it, because of my lack of ruffles :(

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