Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday Candy Bouquet


Need a quick and cute little something for a gift? I made these super cute candy bouquets with supplies all from the Dollar Tree. Woot Woot!

      • small pot
  • foam floral inserts
  • glue
  • stick on letters
  • colorful paper
  • gift wrapping ribbons
  • candy of your choice
  • popsicle sticks or drink stirrers

For my friends 40th birthday, I made one that says " Birthdays Suck". I put the foam insert in the pot, and added Dum Dums (40 of them) to the foam to form a ball. Then I cut out a circle with decorative paper and stuck the letters and numbers on it to make sign. I then glued the sign on a drink stirrer and inserted it into the foam also. Then I added the ribbons around the pot to decorate.

My nephew is turning 13, which is a big deal since he is an official teenager ( tears!). Of course I couldn't say birthdays suck for him. One because her is young and they really don't suck, and two, he's not allowed to say suck. So, "Birthdays Rock" it is.

I followed the same format as the other bouquet except I used Pop Rocks instead. I glued the Pop Rocks to the drink stirrers, and inserted them in the foam.

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