Monday, February 4, 2013

String Art

I keep seeing string art everywhere and I thought I would give it a whirl. It wasn’t hard at all. The most difficult part was getting the map out after I had everything strung together.
First step was to print out a state map. I did Virginia because that’s where we live, (hello)! Then I just followed the outline hammering in tacking nails as straight as possible all the way around. Next, I made a heart shape over Blacksburg area (where I live) NOTE: If I do this project again I would make the heart first then follow the outline around the state…it would make it much easier.
After I had all my nails in, I started stringing. I just made a knot and the cut the loose ends off. I wrapped back and forth from the heart to the outer edge. I did ombre colors but you could choose whatever color or colors you wanted. My final step was to pull the map out. I used tweezers to get under the strings and pull the paper out, and then I pained the nail headed for extra pop!
So I officially now have string art!
Things Needed:


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