Friday, December 14, 2012

$8 $8 Read All About It

I wanted to do something budget friendly this year and I needed a holiday wreath. Btw, have you looked at the price of those? The cheapest one I could find was $30. I thought, I could make something cute under $10….

So I check my wallet...score! I had a 50% off coupon for Michael’s Crafts so I stopped there first and snagged my wreath with my coupon it can to a big whopping $2 bucks!!!

Then I headed for the Dollar Tree. I think people tend to write them off, but I have done some wonderful party centerpieces from Dollar Tree items (I’ll save those for another blog) While I was there I picked up come awesome swirly candy cane stakes and red and white ball stakes…. I didn’t have a theme but one just kind of fell into my lap. They had an assortment of ribbon so I found one I liked and a Santa head ornament. It was larger then most so I thought it would look great  front and center.  Grand total of $6 at the Dollar Tree!

It was easy to put together. I cut the stakes to size, one on each side and glued it in place. Then I put Santa in the middle and glued the ribbon around….
Tada! Super Cute and Super Cheap!


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