Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Decor

We have been getting a little crazy with all of our Christmas crafts here in the VA. It is much more fun to do it yourself rather than spending way too much money on premade decorations.

So, a few to share today. I made this wreath today with just a few things from Michael's. I bought a plain garland wreath, one poinsettia, a few glittery pine cones, and some glitter leaves. I just wove the ends into the wreath and done. Could it be any simpler? Nope. Plus it was all under $12 because it was all on sale. Take that Michael's and your $40 premade wreaths!

The next DIY is another topiary! Surprised? Dont be. We love the topiaries here. They are super cute and there are so many creative ways to decorate them.

This topiary comes from our BFF Jen. Yay! There is a pic of her with Candice and I on our homepage. Now you know who she is. She made this awesome topiary with ornaments. All you need is a cardboard cone, small ornaments and glue. Yup, basically 3 things. Just glue your ornaments to the cone to cover all of the carboard and bam! You are done! What do you think?

And.... this is one I made last year. I had some fringe trim hanging around so I glued it around my topiary.
Oh, the possiblilites are endless. Lol.

Now its your turn! Send me pics of ways you have decorated your cones/topiaries. I will add them to the collection! Cant wait to see what you have done!

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