Sunday, December 2, 2012

Medusa Who?

So I was thinking the other day I really want to try something new with my hair but I don’t want to get up early to do it. I decided to try Curlformers. You sleep on them, get up and take them out in the morning. You can buy these at Sally’s Beauty Supply or online.

For those of you that have never seen Curlformers they are flat spiral rollers that use a tool to pull your hair though them to form spiral curls. Easy peasy right?

I think using Curlformers on someone else would be easier then using them on yourself.
That being said, after I did half my head I started to get the hang of it so with practice I think it would get easier.
You also want to make sure not to pull too much hair at once because that becomes painful. I found the smaller sections that  I took the smoother it was to pull though and the less it hurt.

I give Curlformers Simplicity a C, and Finished results  a B+

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